Flat n` Flawless is a trans-community-specific focused brand created by LGBTQIA+ owned and operated, Heart n` Soul Enterprises. Heart n` Soul Enterprises was founded by Lynn King, a veteran alchemist of holistic and spiritual wellness products and homeopathic treatments. 

The inception of Flat n` Flawless began through the realization that there were no all-natural scar care products or creams in the market that aimed specifically in support of the trans community. Good friend and now son-in-law Chase Ross, a trans man and well-known Youtube trans community advocate (uppercasechase1) sampled Lynn’s original skincare formula and fell in love with its scar care attributes. 

Chase’s in-depth knowledge and passion for the trans community, along with his own personal experience with post-top surgery, gave much insight into exposing the lack of all-natural organic and chemical-free scar care products available.  This inspired Lynn to formulate an effective scar care therapy that was backed by research and feedback from within the LGBTQIA+ community. The positive results launched the first of its kind trans-focused scar care treatment; Flat n` Flawless Ultimate Scar Cream.     

Flat n` Flawless is proud to have its scar cream named as Teen Vogue’s top-ten Christmas gifts for Transgendered loved ones. (2019), and continues to be the go-to holistic, vegan-friendly, and all-natural therapy resource of the trans community.


Two photos side by side. The first one is Lynn and Chase smiling on the beach. Chase is shirtless. The second is Lynn and Chase sitting outside. There is grass and nature around them.

 Lynn and Chase, always outside and hard at work!


Other Products

Flat n' Flawless Ultimate Scar Care Treatment and Flawless Shaving Cream are only some of the products in the family of products created by Heart n' Soul Enterprises. Heart n` Soul Enterprises supports LGBTQIA+ organizations and is an organic, all-natural, and vegan-friendly focused company.

For more information about Heart n' Soul Enterprises, contact us at info@myheartnsoul.com or 856-279-0339.