The individuals behind the products

Chase is a trans man who had top surgery in May of 2013 with Dr. Charles Garramone. He documented everything he went through on his YouTube channel, uppercaseCHASE1. For years, he tried every single scar reducing cream, gel, oil, strip, and liquid he could get his hands on. All of these products had tough chemicals in them which didn't do much for him and he was looking for something else. He noticed the lack of all-natural and all-organic scar care on the market. And then, he met Lynn…..

Lynn is an animal lover, spiritual healer, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. Her band, Love Alive, can be heard all year round, in venues in the United States. She has worked on cultivating her spiritual practice for decades and always brings in positive energies into her work. This product was originally a pet therapy cream to reduce redness, dermatitis, hot spots, and more on animals. One day, Chase was using the cream on his dry hands and Lynn suggested he putting it on his scars. With a confused face, he agreed. The way the cream moisturized his scar and skin around it was like nothing he had experienced before. That’s when he had a brilliant idea: “why don’t we create an all-natural cream specifically for scars?”
Using Lynn’s original base recipe (which is 100% made from scratch. Nothing is pre-made or bought. The base is 100% Lynn’s incredible creation), they researched, they spoke to professionals in the field, and eventually, they came up with a perfect cream that is 100% made for scars, especially post-surgical scars.

LGBTQ Owned and Operated! 

Both Chase and Lynn are part of the LGBTQ+ community and take pride in their identities. Chase has made it his life mission to help trans people who do not have access to the services they need. Which is why 10% of all profits will go directly to the non-profit Point of Pride. Point of Pride has donated thousands of free chest binders to trans and gender non-conforming folks in all 50 states and 78+ countries. They also provide financial assistance towards trans folks in need of gender-affirming surgery and permanent hair removal services. We are proud to support this organization and to continue helping trans people in need.



Two photos side by side. The first one is Lynn and Chase smiling on the beach. Chase is shirtless. The second is Lynn and Chase sitting outside. There is grass and nature around them.

 Lynn and Chase, always outside and hard at work!


Other Products

Flat n' Flawless Ultimate Scar Care Treatment and Flawless Shaving Cream are only some of the products in the family of products created by Heart n' Soul Enterprises. Heart n' Soul Enterprises was founded as a way to provide access to other product lines beyond those in the Flat n' Flawless family.

For more information about Heart n' Soul Enterprises, contact us at or 856-279-0339.