Our Personal Story

Thank you so much for your interest in Flat N' Flawless. My name is Lynn,  The founder and creator of Flat N' Flawless.

When I first embarked on this journey to create a healing cream, I never thought in my wildest dreams how many lives it would touch.

It all began OVER 25 years ago in the spring of 1998. I was a singer-songwriter musician living right outside of Nashville. I was a transplant Yankee from Jersey (lol) living out my musical dreams. 

I also possess a fierce love of animals. At that time I was rescuing abused horses on a 10 acre mini farm in College grove TN.
I had rescued a horse we named Gabriel who had suffered an horrific hoof injury.

I was on the phone with my niece Amy who was about to graduate with honors from high school.. Her mother( my sister in-law) was a veterinarian. Amy,( a huge animal lover also)  We were talking about helping Gabriel and how his poor hooves were cracked all the way to the coronary band. I was so excited when she said she would be coming down to visit after graduating high school. Tragically, I never saw Amy that summer. She contracted Spinal Meningitis during her high School trip to Disneyworld and passed away a few days later.  Obviously, we were all devastated beyond words.

During this heartbreaking grieving process I started studying the benefits of essential oils and all natural remedies like I was a mad scientist.
The one goal I had was to create an amazing cream in Amy's honor to heal my horse Gabriel. So off I went into the abyss of deep grief and intense determination.

You see a horses hoof is similar to your finger nail. I created a recipe that was profound, in fact Gabriel benefited immensely from it. He had miraculous results. The local equine community also raved about the results. Then suddenly I had "humans" calling me on the phone lol.

For example.... Gary was the first... He said... Wow Lynn.... I was using your cream on my horse and accidently got it on my face so I rubbed it in.(Gary was in an accident that burned his face as a child). His voice started to break up and quiver with emotion. Lynn, I have flexibility and moisture in my face for the first time in years. The skin on my face is always so tight and I haven't ever been able to find any relief until now. I'd like to use it for myself he said.

Next came a woman who had terrible eczema on her elbows... Similar story... I was treating my horse etc. so I tried it on my elbows and it has dramatically cleared up my life long eczema. I've tried everything and your cream is phenomenal.

The testimonials kept coming one after another organically no website no advertising.

I had a friend that worked at a private airport in Nashville and she gave some cream to a world famous rock band during their tour. They talked about how extraordinary it was for their tattoo's and their tired cracked feet and absolutely loved it. They would order several jars at a time when they came through town. lol. 

Flat N' Flawless supports and has become very popular among the LGBTQ+ community. It has proven to be incredibly effective for transgender individuals with post operative scarring after gender affirming surgeries.

One of the most moving testimonials we received was sent recently to us in January 2023. Please read it for yourself...

Dear Flat n Flawless Team:

My name is M. I’m a trans man preparing for top surgery which is how I heard about your product. However, that’s not why I bought it. My mom, a cis woman has battled breast cancer and ultimately needed surgery and radiation.
Flat N Flawless has been the only thing that, in her words, has “saved her”. The cream works for the radiation burns as well as the surgical scar, and is very emollient. Thank you thank you thank you. This stuff has made all the difference.

All our love,
M. and M.

So after all these years of working to perfect this one of a kind formulation. We have achieved our goal! Flat N' Flawless has arrived! 

A wonderful healing cream born from unspeakable tragedy & grief developing into this amazing multifaceted skin soothing triumph.
I am so deeply moved with gratitude to all. THANK YOU! and I know our dear Amy is smiling down from above.
Peace, Love & Light