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Influencer Application

Want to be a Flat n' Flawless rep?

We are always on the lookout for social media influencers with highly-engaged audiences to rep our brand!



  • Identify as trans/non-binary (you do not have to be trans masculine, we sell products for everyone in this community!)
  • Have a decent following AND engagement rate (comments and likes) in at least one of the following social media platforms:
  • Instagram: Have more than 10k followers on instagram
  • YouTube: Have more than 10k subscribers
  • Twitter: Have more than 5,000 followers
  • If you use a different platform, such as TikTok, please feel free to apply and let us know why you would be great for our team!



We will send you free products in exchange for posts, videos, clips, and stories about the specific product and/or the company.


*We encourage everyone to apply, especially TPOC and people with Disabilities. If you are not trans but would still like to rep the brand, please apply and let us know why you would be great for our team!