Ultimate Scar Cream
Ultimate Scar Cream
Ultimate Scar Cream
Ultimate Scar Cream
Ultimate Scar Cream
Ultimate Scar Cream
Ultimate Scar Cream
  • Keeps the skin and scar moisturized
  • All-natural and organic ingredients
  • Promotes healing and reduce redness and inflammation.
  • Acts as a natural sunscreen

Ultimate Scar Cream


All-natural and organic ingredients combined with love in a spiritual environment create this beautiful cream. The main purpose is to promote healing and reduce redness and inflammation. The Ultimate Scar Care acts as a natural sunscreen, it keeps the skin and scar moisturized, and it smells great! 

Recommended use: use a small amount twice a day.
(a little goes a long way!)
This is a 2oz/60ml container. Depending on how much you choose to use and where on your body, 1 container usually lasts someone 2 months.
However, what makes this cream different than all the other already-existing scar treatments out there? Why are we special? well, let's make a list:

    • All-Natural Ingredients
    • Organic Ingredients
    • Cruelty Free
    • No harsh Chemicals
    • No additives
    • Natural Sunscreen
    • Ethically Sources Beeswax
    • Engineered to keep scar moisturized throughout the day
    • No oily residue
    • No colouring added
    • All natural odor (no added scents)
    • Reusable and Recyclable container
    • 10% of the profits goes towards binder and packer giveaways!
    • We are LGBTQ owned and operated :)
    • The first all-natural and all-organic scar treatment developed specifically for post-operative scars


*To understand why we chose certain ingredients and how this cream works, please click here

Allergen Information:
This product contains Wheat Germ Oil. Although only a trace amount of gluten MAY be in this product, it is not recommended to use if you have celiacs or gluten intolerance. We also advise anyone allergic to nuts to please look over the full ingredients list. For more information, please click here.

"So far the product has been great! It smells wonderful and doesn’t stain my clothes. I have gotten so much better acquainted with my scars and I feel the scar tissue softening already! My scars look better and feel better. I would highly recommend this product!"

-- Jamie L.